Moving Supplies To Forego If You Are Packing With Children In The House


If you want to talk about challenges that you just cannot avoid in life, there is no doubt that the topic of moving will likely come up. Moving in itself can be a major challenge, but bring a few little ones into the equation and you are facing a major potential for a nervous wreck. Kids are curious creatures, they need attention, and they will most likely want to get involved in the moving process. With so much chaos going on when you are in the process of packing, make sure you don't make the whole ordeal harder than it has to be by bringing the wrong packing supplies into the house. 

Trade in the packing peanuts for something more child-friendly. 

Those squishy pieces of foam, which are sometimes colored pink, blue, and other bright colors, may work incredibly well to protect your valuables. But, bring in a bag of packing peanuts while you are in the process of stuffing boxes and there is a good chance that your kids will find fun ways to entertain themselves--and make you a pretty good mess in the process. That is not to mention that packing peanuts are considered a choking hazard because of their size. So, skip these little pieces and wrap your valuables in something else, like crumpled newspaper or magazines. You may even be able to get the kiddos interested in pulling and crumpling pages for you. 

Blow off the bubble wrap to save your sanity. 

Pop, pop, pop goes the bubble wrap and is sure to provide an interesting appeal to youngsters, but after several hours of popping, you may find yourself ready to scream and even boasting a few new gray hairs. Wrap breakables in towels and t-shirts to keep them from bumping together inside of a box and leave the bubble wrap at the store. Not only will you save some money, but your nerves as well. 

Opt out of box knives and industrial-style tape rollers. 

Make a list of packing supplies for a household without children and you would almost always include things like box cutters and a big tape roller. While these items can make packing and unpacking during a move a little faster, these are also sharp objects that you will spend a lot of time trying to keep out of little hands while you work. Stick with easy-tear packing tape that will not require a cutting edge at the end and if you must have a box cutter on hand,leave the blades out and use only the small, dull, metal hook at the end. Contact a business, such as Route 37 Self-Storage, for more information about storage.   


22 February 2016

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