4 Tips For Moving Into An Apartment With Your Long-Distance Partner


Moving is a big deal, regardless of whether you are moving down the street or to another city. However, it can instantly become a life-changing experience when you plan on moving in with your long-distance partner. It is tough to fall in love while so far apart, but those who do should look towards moving in. Following a few tips can help the both of you get through the experience with smiles on your faces.

Talk About the Best Location

The location plays a huge role in moving in together. The three options are moving where you live, where your partner lives, or choosing an entirely new destination. If your partner is close with family and friends that they live around, you may want to compromise and move to their city.

It is not easy to transition into a new lifestyle and leave both family and friends at the same time, so you can make it less stressful for everyone involved by keeping your partner's support system intact.

Split the Expenses

Although you can make changes to the expenses later on in your relationship, you should split the expenses in the beginning and for the foreseeable future. The easiest thing to do is split the major expenses down the middle, but you may also want to divide it proportional to each other's income. Communicating is the best way to make sure you and your partner are happy with the outcome.

Discuss Pets

If one of you already has pets, you need to discuss the situation beforehand. Adopting a pet is a huge commitment, and it can lead to some major issues if you do not stay together for a long time. It is best to hold off on pets until you get comfortable with living together and know that everything is working out.

Meet Up in Person

Before you send over a check or apartment application in the mail, you should meet up with your partner in person to look at apartments together. It is crucial to find a place that you both like, and going together is the most effective way to communicate your wants, needs, and what you think about each place.

Moving in with your partner should be an enjoyable experience. To make sure it happens this way, you want to thoroughly communicate with your partner and make sure you both agree on everything related to the move. To learn more, contact a moving company in your area. 


10 February 2016

Estimating Moving Costs

After my company merged with another business in another country, I realized they might be asking some of us to relocate to a new area. I was nervous about the idea, but I realized that if I wanted to keep moving up, it might be necessary to move. I decided to volunteer, and my bosses really appreciated my willingness to work with their changing business model. However, I realized that moving might be expensive, so I spent a little time estimating my moving costs before I negotiated my relocation package. This blog is all about figuring out your moving expenses so that you don't get stuck with a steep bill.