How To Help Your Movers On Moving Day


A good moving company should be professional, efficient, and capable. But they're not magicians. They can't make space where none exists, they can't levitate themselves over a mess, and they can't be invisible. There are a number of things you can do to help your movers on moving day to make their job easier and ensure your move goes more smoothly.

On Your Driveway

How will the moving truck be positioned in relation to your house? If the truck will be maneuvered into your driveway, you need to make sure your driveway is clear and unobstructed. You may need to move your own vehicles onto the street. Any items that will be transported in your vehicles may need to be loaded the night before moving day.

On the Street

If the moving truck is to be positioned on the street, the onus is on the moving company to obtain the necessary permits. As the street is public land administered by your local municipality, you cannot reserve a parking space right in front of your house. This becomes the moving company's responsibility.

In Your House

In addition to making space on your driveway for the moving truck, you need to ensure that all pathways within your home are clear. You cannot procrastinate with your packing. All possessions need to be securely packed in boxes or other transport containers before your moving day. Boxes and loose items cannot be left on the floors or in corridors, creating a (potentially dangerous) obstruction. Boxes must be packed, sealed, and ready to be loaded before the moving truck pulls up outside.

Kids and Pets

The moving crew may prove to be an object of fascination for younger children and pets—and an unwelcome object for some dogs. Younger children can easily get underfoot and may innocently interfere with the moving company's duties. If possible, ask a family member or friend to babysit (offsite) for the day. Your kids can have a fun playdate and you can pick them up once the truck is loaded. Ideally, pets can be taken off your hands too. You may want to put your dog into a boarding kennel the day before your moving day.

Your movers will do their best to move your possessions promptly and securely, but they'll need a little help from you to make this happen.

Reach out to a moving company in your area to learn more. 


12 July 2023

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