Ways To Utilize Plastic Storage Bins Inside Of Your Computer Refurbishing Business


If you own a computer refurbishing business and have a wide array of hardware, monitors, and accessories inside of your establishment, plastic storage bins can be utilized with the following tips in order to help you remain organized and keep track of your inventory. 

Plastic Bins For Excess Inventory

Place excess inventory that is not currently needed inside of heavy duty plastic storage containers that have secure-fitting lids. Create labels for the exterior of each bin that describe its contents and alphabetize all of the containers while stacking them so that you can easily locate items that are needed in the future.

Plastic bins can be stored outdoors if you are running out of room inside of your business, and they will not be susceptible to damage if they are exposed to moist or humid conditions. Simply stack them up inside of an outdoor shed or underneath a canopy and all of the items that are packed inside will remain untouched.

Floor Scale And Bins With Wheels

Keep track of inventory inside of your business by counting pieces and recording amounts with the assistance of inventory hardware designed to be used on your computer. Place small items inside of a plastic bin that has wheels attached to it and push it to a floor scale. Place one of the items on the scale to determine its weight. Afterwards, place all of the items inside of a box and lay it on the scale.

The total weight can be divided by the weight of a single piece in order to determine how many pieces there are altogether. Once you have finished counting the first item type, count the remaining ones in the same manner. The bins on wheels will prevent you from losing pieces as you are moving them to the scale and will assist with heavy items that need to be moved around.

Sorting Area For Garbage And Salvageable Materials

Line up several large bins to use for sorting through materials. Use one bin for items that will be disposed of and the others for salvageable materials. Separate items as you work. Once finished, you can place each bin in the appropriate location with ease. If you use this method whenever you receive shipments of of old computers that need to be refurbished, you can keep your business in order and reduce the amount of clutter that is inside of the building that you operate out of. Click to read more about plastic bins. 


31 July 2016

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