Vital Tips For Moving A Piano


Moving house in terms of furniture and boxes is a big job on its own, but nothing compared to moving something as large and heavy as a piano. If you want to attempt to move it with help from a few friends, follow these essential tips.

Get Plenty of Help

You are not just attempting to lift a heavy piano, but an awkwardly-shaped one as well. Grand pianos are very wide in circumference, so you need multiple people standing around the piano to help move it and get it out the door. With an upright, one end is much heavier than the other, making it awkward to carry. Get a group of several strong people who can help you move the piano out of your house and onto the truck. Do not assume a couple people will be able to move it; that is likely not going to be enough.

Rent or Purchase Moving Equipment

Another thing you probably don't want to do is simply try to lift it and carry it out of the house. Pianos are much heavier than you probably imagine. You need a variety of equipment to help you move the piano, including sturdy straps to wrap around the piano and a dolly that is meant for furniture. Make sure it is a furniture dolly so it is made of materials strong enough to support the weight of a piano. You can use the straps to secure the piano to the furniture dolly before attempting to move it out of your home.

Protect the Piano

Aside from equipment used to move the piano, you also need items that will help protect it thoroughly. This includes foam padding or blankets that can be wrapped around it. Don't just wrap it and leave it be; use packing tape that will secure the padding. Straps will be going around the padding, so it needs to be on there firmly during the transporting process, otherwise it will become scratched from the straps, dolly, or during the moving process while it is in the truck.

Keep the Piano Upright

Your piano needs to be kept upright when you are moving it, otherwise you could affect the mechanics inside of it. Upright pianos should be narrow enough to fit through a standard-size doorway. If you have a grand piano, it is best to leave this to professionals, like Bekins Van Lines Inc. They can figure out a better way of getting it through a door, window, or possibly sliding glass doors in your backyard and going around the side of the house. After protecting the upright piano and securing it to the dolly, make sure everyone is holding onto the piano as you move it out the door. If your front door is up steps, have a ramp ready to go or make sure everyone can move the dolly down the steps while also holding onto the piano so it doesn't drop.  


11 February 2016

Estimating Moving Costs

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