Want A Full Service Move? What To Know Before You Book A Deposit


If you are interested in a full service moving company and you aren't sure what the cost should be, it's important to compare the cost with the services provider. All companies aren't going to offer the same services for the same cost, and it's important to know the fine details before you put down a deposit.

Checking all companies to make sure they are registered with the Better Business Bureau and reputable is the first thing you should do. Then you should ask the following questions.

Is Unpacking Included?  

You don't have time to pack everything up and move it on your own, so do you have time to unpack everything in the living space? If you don't, see if unpacking is something that is included in your moving fee. If not, you want to know how much it's going to cost to have it completed, since this could save you even more time. You can go as far as to write down where you want cups, bowls and other items in the kitchen.

Is There a Time Limit?

If there is a traffic jam, a problem with the unloading or another complication, it may take longer than expected to do the project. You want to know if they are going to charge you if your project goes over a specific amount of time, or if the workers have to do things that they originally didn't expect. Ask about this so you don't end up with unforeseen fees.

Are all Supplies Included?

Since you are a full service customer you should expect that all of the supplies needed for the move, like the boxes, packaging tape, bubble wrap and other items are included. This should be something that is tacked onto the bill at a later time, and you shouldn't be charged if you go over a set amount of supplies since you're a full service paying customer.

Find out how many movers are going to be assigned to your project to make sure it's going to get completed in the right time frame, and to make sure they have enough people to manage the heavy furniture properly. There are a lot moving companies but they aren't the same, and you want to take the time to find out what type of perks and services you're going to get if you're paying for a full service move, and if you are trusting them to handle all of your belongings. Contact a business, such as Bell Moving & Storage, for more information.   


15 February 2016

Estimating Moving Costs

After my company merged with another business in another country, I realized they might be asking some of us to relocate to a new area. I was nervous about the idea, but I realized that if I wanted to keep moving up, it might be necessary to move. I decided to volunteer, and my bosses really appreciated my willingness to work with their changing business model. However, I realized that moving might be expensive, so I spent a little time estimating my moving costs before I negotiated my relocation package. This blog is all about figuring out your moving expenses so that you don't get stuck with a steep bill.