Two Tips To Help You Get A Good Deal On A Storage Unit


Storage units are the ultimate solution when you have more belongings than you have space.  The ability to simply place your items in a climate-controlled atmosphere can't be beat, especially when you consider the security and cameras that typically go along with the deal.  However, renting storage space has its cost, and you may think that it's simply outside of your budget.  Use this information to learn more about two tips that can help you get the best rate when you go to rent a storage unit.

Timing Is Your Friend

The first thing you want to understand when you go rent a storage unit is the power of supply and demand.  Timing your lease so that it falls during a period when business is slow can make all the difference in the price that you're given when you rent a storage unit.

Renting a storage unit is largely based upon when you'll be making a move.  Since many people have leases which end during the very beginning or end of the month, you may find that your best bet is to visit a storage facility in the middle of the month.  Storage businesses may be so slow during these times that they're willing to let you lease a unit at a fraction of the price that they would have charged during the early and late month spikes, which may bring in so much business that units are leased at a premium.

Go For The Long Haul

Another tip you can use to lease a storage unit at an affordable price involves the amount of time that you plan to keep the space.  If you're willing to sign a long-term contract, storage managers may be more willing to negotiate prices with you.

Even if you think that you don't need a unit for very long, consider the uses that you can potentially have the rental area.  For example, holiday decorations, that you'll typically only need once a year can become clutter once the season has ended.  You'll have a designated area to keep your decorations in until the next years' festivities roll around, and may be able to store the space at a discounted rate because you agreed to keep your belongings in the same place.

Getting an affordable price on a storage unit doesn't have to be difficult if you know what to do.  When you need storage space, keep these tips in mind so you can get the best rate. To learn more, contact a storage company like King Arthur Self Storage


17 February 2016

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