4 Reasons You Need A Climate Controlled Self-Storage Unit


When you are going to store items in a self-storage unit, there are a few things to think about. The first is to decide if you should get a climate-controlled unit. This allows you to have more control over the temperature and humidity. Here are some reasons to consider this type of self-storage unit.

You Can Reduce Pest Infestation

Pests can be a risk when you are storing items in a self-storage unit. While you can't avoid them completely, you can reduce them by choosing a climate-controlled unit. This is because many pests are drawn to the temperature and moisture in regular units. If you control the temperature and humidity, you may be able to deter cockroaches, spiders, and some rodents. It is a small price to pay to protect your items from pest infestation.

It Protects Valuable Items

Many items you are storing in the self-storage unit can be destroyed if you have high levels of humidity, such as antique furniture. These furniture pieces are not only valuable to you for sentimental reasons, but they lose their value as antiques with moisture inside the unit. If you don't have a way to control the humidity, antique wood furniture can start to warp and cause damage that is impossible to reverse. Your replaceable items now have to be disposed of. Any time you have valuable items that need a certain temperature or level of humidity, you need a climate-controlled unit.

Your Electronics Are Protected

You will also be able to protect any electronic items and equipment you intend to store in the self-storage unit. Electronics need to be kept dry and at a cool or room temperature. If you aren't able to control the temperature and humidity, you could find that your television, video game system, or computer is no longer working. If you have a hard drive in your computer, and it crashes, there may be no way to get the files from the hard drive.

The Facility is Located in an Area Prone to Triple Digits

If you live somewhere in the desert or southern area that reaches extremely hot temperatures, many items need to be protected from the high temperatures. Storage facilities might get extremely hot, which can put your furniture, electronics, books, and other items at risk. It is best to have a unit where you have full control of how hot or cold it gets.


23 February 2016

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