How To Stay Protected When Renting A Storage Unit


If you are in need of a storage unit, renting your unit may come with some concerns as you won't have the benefit of watching over your belongings like you would if they were just sitting in your garage. Because your items will be stored away in an off-site location, it is important that you are confident and trust that your belongings will be safe and protected while they are stored in your unit. A few great ways to be certain that your assets are safe is to rent from a storage unit facility that offers the following:   

Designated Visiting Hours:

Instead of renting from a storage unit facility that allows 24/7 visiting hours, you may find that it can be safer and better that you rent from a facility that has strict schedule for visiting hours. Though this does limit you from being able to visit your storage unit whenever you want it can reduce the chances of potential theft accidents as this will ensure that employees and security personnel are present in the facility while clients visit their units.

Excellent Lighting and Durable Gating Throughout The Facility:

The quality of the facility is another important factor to keep in mind as you want to be certain that there are no sneaky activities going on that can potentially lead to unit break-ins. So, when seeking a new unit, rent from a facility that offers a private facility and has a gated entrance. You will also want to seek a facility that has excellent lighting surrounding the facility and inside of the building. This will ensure that no one is able to sneak in and that those who are inside the facility are visible to the security cameras and security staff.   

Up-to-Date Security Features:

When visiting multiple storage unit facilities, be sure to ask the property manager questions about the type of security measures they have in placed. It is always best to rent from a facility that utilizes recent technologies in their facility as this can result in better security and safety. Some security features to keep in mind are subscription based security systems. Renting from a facility that offers this will ensure that the local police department and facility manager will be instantly notified if anyone enters the premises after closing. This can help keep your items safe and protected and will give you some peace of mind when renting your unit. 

Renting from a storage facility that implements these features and services into their business plan can make it much easier for you to rent your storage unit with confidence as you can be certain that no potential theft is going to happen to your unit. So, before selecting a storage unit facility to rent from, be sure that you take these features and services into account when selecting your new unit. Contact a local outlet, such as Northgate Mini Storage, for further assistance.


26 February 2016

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