Packing And Loading For A Move? 4 Tricks To Avoid Damage To The House And Your Possessions


Moving is a time-consuming process, so it is a smart idea to give yourself plenty of time to plan, pack, load, and start heading to your new home. However, whether you are in a rush or you have plenty of time on your hands, you should do everything you can to avoid unnecessary damage. It is not only important to protect your personal belongings, but the property that you are leaving.

Use Painters Tape to Avoid Furniture Damage

Furniture is one of the biggest problems when it comes to packing and getting ready to move. Whether you are disassembling your furniture or leaving it put together, you should use painters tape to protect the corners. The tape is thick enough to protect walls and doorways from getting damaged, but it is not strong enough to cause damage to the fabric, paint, or wood of a furniture piece when you remove the tape. It is also helpful to use this tape to keep drawers from opening and closing as you load and drive.

Get Boxes from Liquor Stores

Liquor stores stock a wide variety of items, but they specialize in liquor. The boxes that can you get are sturdy enough to protect glass liquor bottles from getting damaged, so you can rely on them to protect delicate items that you have throughout the house. It is ideal when you combine the use of these boxes with wrapping of your own to avoid even a slight chance of your items getting damaged.

Use a Door Jamb Protector

When moving large furniture through doorways, you should avoid taking risks. If you live in a rental, causing damage can lead to money being taken out of your security deposit to fix the issue. If you are selling your home, any damage that you cause you will have to fix before the new homeowners move in. A door jamb protector allows you to carry furniture through doorways with confidence.

Create Multiple Landing Stations

As you are moving items throughout your house, you want to create several landing stations. If you have hardwood or tile floors, you do not want to put down delicate boxes abruptly. Adding furniture pads at various points that lead all the way to the moving truck will help you take breaks if necessary.

Moving is sometimes stressful, but you should not be worrying about causing damage. Following these tips will help you get to your new home and not have to spend any money on repairs or replacements. For more information, contact a company like SC Moving.


29 February 2016

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