Moving Across The Country In Your Car? 4 Ways To Make It A Memorable Experience


Driving is not difficult to do, nor is it boring, at least during short drives. However, moving across the country generally means staying on the same highways for hundreds of miles, only getting off at exits to refill on gas, get something to eat, take a break at a rest stop, or check into a hotel for sleeping. While you will still want to do these things when moving, you should not limit yourself to them.

Getting a little creative can make the move a memorable experience for the whole family.

Make a List of Games to Play in the Car

Long-lasting memories are created with all sorts of events and emotions, but you want your move to be associated with happy feelings. While a traditional board game or electronic game is off the table, you can easily get everyone involved with various games that you can play in the car. When driving across the country, one of the easiest games to play is finding all of the state license plates and writing them down as you go.

Stop at Cities or Towns for Eating

As you go through cities and towns in different states, you should try to enjoy the local cuisine. It might be easier to eat at fast food establishments, but you are not going to have a unique dining experience. Going to locally owned restaurants is a great way to create memories with your family. Also, it will help you fuel up on healthier food that will help you get through the rest of the driving for the day.

Take Videos on the Road

Capturing video is an excellent way to create memories and be able to look back on them with ease. Whether you use a smartphone, DSLR camera, or digital camera, you should have something that can record videos while making your move to a far-away place. Some great ideas for what you can capture on video include the entering of each state, passing trains, nature, and city downtowns.

Create a List of Attractions on the Way

If you are able to make your drive a little longer, you should take a look at local attractions. For instance, when passing through a city such as San Antonio, TX, it can be quite enjoyable to see the River Walk. It is easy to think to yourself that you will enjoy these desirable attractions at some point in the future, but sometimes you just need to enjoy them when you have an immediate opportunity to do so.

Moving does not have to be a task that you look forward to being finished with as soon as possible. It is easy to turn a multi-day drive into an incredible experience by setting aside a bit of extra time. For additional tips and ideas contact movers like A W Moving & Storage or another location.


2 March 2016

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