Preparing A Regulation Slate Pool Table For A Move


If you are moving to a new home, and you own a pool table, you are most likely contemplating bringing it along so you can enjoy playing it at your new destination. Since a pool table is bulky and weighs several hundred pounds, there are some steps that will be needed to prepare it so it does not become damaged in transit. Here are some tips you can utilize when preparing your own pool table for a move to a new home.

Decide If The Move Is Cost-Effective

Before preparing your table for placement in a moving truck, it is important to determine whether it will be cost-effective to move it at all. Most pool tables have slate slabs used as the table surface. Smaller tables use one or two slabs of slate, while regulation tables usually have three. In general, a table will weigh anywhere from 650 to 900 lbs. depending on how many sheets of slate are used in its construction. 

The weight of the table will have a large impact on the cost to move it with a moving service. If the table is not in pristine condition, it may be better to sell the table and purchase a new one once you are settled into your new home. If the table has sentimental value or is in great shape however, the cost will be well worth the price.

Consider Hiring A Third-Party Disassembling Service

Larger tables will require you to take them apart to fit them in a moving truck. This will also help protect the slate from becoming cracked as you will be able to package it appropriately beforehand. Taking apart a pool table can be a tedious task if you are strapped on time or not handy with tools. Calling a third-party service to handle the disassembling of your table will be worth the cost if you are afraid of damaging your table by trying the process yourself. Most moving companies will not do the disassembling themselves as it is a larger project that should be left to a professional seasoned in this type of equipment.

Pack Up The Pieces For The Ride

Once your pool table has been disassembled, protect each surface appropriately so it remains damage-free in the moving truck. Use moving blankets to wrap around each piece of slate, rail, frame piece, and leg. Secure the blankets in place using heavy-duty packing tape. Attach a label to each piece so you know the contents belong to your table if you are moving other items in the truck too. Pool sticks can be wrapped in the same manner. Wrap each pool ball in bubble wrap or put them in the original box they came in when you purchased them. These balls along with the racking triangle and any small accessories can be placed in a cardboard box. 

When placing the wrapped slate pieces in the truck, ask the moving service to stack them on top of each other to minimize the risk of damage to the pieces on the bottom. Do not allow them to stack items on the top piece of slate. Make sure the moving service secures these slate slabs appropriately so they do not shift in the truck. This is done with special straps that hook into the interior sides of the truck. Contact a business, such as Lords Quick & Cheap Moving Inc., for more information.   


23 March 2016

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