3 Tips To Make Relocating Your Business A Breeze


Relocating your business to a spacious new office can be an exciting time for you and your company. However, a lot of planning goes into smoothly transitioning from one commercial residence to another. Between operating your business and managing the move, you likely want to make the process as simple as possible. Use the three tips below to make relocating your business a breeze.

1. Donate Or Sell Unused Items

Take a bit of time to look around your office, and make a list of items you no longer use or want. For example, your break room tables may be looking a little shabby. Perhaps you have some unused filing cabinets taking up space. Why move these items when you have no intention of using them? Consider these options instead:

  • Use a website like Craigslist to sell or donate your unused office items. You can make some extra money to use for moving expenses, or you can simply list items in the 'free' section.

  • If you plan to donate, call your local Goodwill or Salvation Army. They may be able to schedule a pickup so that you do not have to transport the office furniture that you donate.

2. Plan Ahead When Setting Up Utilities

Imagine walking into your new office with your colleagues so that you can start setting up your new workspace. When you go to turn the lights on, nothing happens. As you try to access WiFi on your phone, there is no network connection available. This can be inconvenient or even disastrous for you and your team. Avoid these problems by planning ahead.

Call your utility companies ahead of time to set up electricity, water, the Internet, and other services. Double check the date that you schedule and make sure you have confirmation numbers and other necessary information. You may also have to schedule shutoffs for your old office before you can set up utilities in your new office. Taking these steps will help eliminate any potential snafus that throw a wrench into your moving plans.

3. Use An Office Moving Service For Transportation

Lastly, you should consider using a commercial moving service to make your office relocation as simple as possible. Commercial movers, like Walsh Moving & Storage, offer a broad range of services to fit the needs of different businesses. From loading and transporting to helping you coordinate your new office layout, they can make your move much easier. Get in touch with your local commercial moving company to get a quote, and you can begin planning together from there.


7 July 2016

Estimating Moving Costs

After my company merged with another business in another country, I realized they might be asking some of us to relocate to a new area. I was nervous about the idea, but I realized that if I wanted to keep moving up, it might be necessary to move. I decided to volunteer, and my bosses really appreciated my willingness to work with their changing business model. However, I realized that moving might be expensive, so I spent a little time estimating my moving costs before I negotiated my relocation package. This blog is all about figuring out your moving expenses so that you don't get stuck with a steep bill.